The 360 Viewer software platform (CASE STUDY)


  • The new system allows a user to easily find areas of improvement for their business.
  • A smart system that's easy to understand: The platform takes raw data and interprets it for the user.
  • The site integrates multiple software platforms into one, easy-to-use system 
  • The system allows users to create customized alerts based on criteria of their choosing.



Working with a team of designers, developers, engineers and copywriters, I served as Creative Director and project lead throughout the course of this project.


The programs our clients used weren't intuitive, but offered a wealth of raw data. Many people that used our software got intimidated by its complexity.

Clients were also looking for ways to customize the system based on the way they do business and wanted CRM and live feed integration.

We also wanted the system to offer dynamic, contextual advice based on the persons data.



The opportunity:

This will be a game-changer for our financial advisors.

Increasing our clients productivity directly effects the bottom line. Stakeholders identified 3 main focus points that would help a user increase productivity: AUM, ROI and percentage of client assets. Since our demographic is competitive, it was important that the client be able to set goals and see how they compare to other users.

Understanding the user:
Through analyzing demographic information, we knew that our clients were competitive and wanted to see a comprehensive summary of their data quickly. Displaying it in an easy to understand format was one of our primary focus points.

We analyzed how people used the previous systems, and conducted primary interviews of pre-existing users. We then extensively tested our low-fi and high-fi mockups.

Designing the look and feel:
We wanted to create a simple, clean layout that leveraged subtile animations and featured optimized, predictive search box queries. We also took great care in contextually on-boarding new users to help them learn about features they weren't currently utilizing.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:
This product has not yet been released. This section will be updated once I have metrics.