Mobile Banking App (CASE STUDY)


  • Addresses pain-points in signup/login process
  • Utilizes phone-specific security features
  • A smart system: Generates customized suggestions based on client information
  • Incorporates gamification into investing and saving money



Working with a team of designers, developers, engineers and copywriters, I served as Creative Director and project lead throughout the course of this project.


The company had mobile, client facing site, but it was difficult, slow and in desperate need of optimization. The analytics showed us a disproportionate number of visitors accessed the mobile site once, and never returned.

For this project it was important for us to streamline the experience between the mobile site and app, make the UI intuitive, and take advantage of phone specific security features. 

We also wanted the system to make suggestions to the user that would help them save money. 



The opportunity:
Many of the mobile users had a difficult time logging in. The process was unintuitive, and left many users frustrated. Once the user did finally login, they had a difficult time finding the information they needed.

Creating the app, updating the UX and layout would help reduce frustration and calls to our call center. 

Understanding the user:
We knew that our users wanted to see pertinent information about their accounts in a quick, visual way. Incorporating quick, secure ways to login to a mobile app was a high priority for our users.

We also worked extremely hard to make the signup process as easy as possible, by providing real-time validation to the entry fields, and subtle gamification animations.

We took a look at our current user base, and QA tested what was most important to them. The layout of the 'Overview' page is the result of this research. We also did an extensive competitive analysis on what features other institutions offered.

Designing the look and feel:
We decided to completely revamp the look and feel of the mobile experience. Everything on-screen is clickable/interactive and features subtle, pleasing animations.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:
This product has not yet been released. This section will be updated once I have metrics.