Freelance Client spotlight:
Di Bruno Bros.

B2C Video Campaign and Website Consultation


  • Created a web series for the launch of the a responsive site in June 2015 to highlight categories of expertise and allow customers to experience the brand

  • 12% increase in traffic directly following video releases

  • Website renovation lead to increased revenues of 43% YOY in Q4 of 2015



Video campaign: I directed, created the motion graphics, color graded and composited each one. I filmed most of them myself, but the unboxing videos were filmed by another videographer. 

Website consultation: I consulted on the websites UI, layout and taxonomy. Groove developed the site using Big Commerce and the majority of work was handled by the internal team.


Di Bruno Bros. is a specialty food company synonymous with Philadelphia. It has 5 stores, and a large social presence. The company was looking to increase its reach by renovating their existing website, and creating a comprehensive video campaign to educate their customer base. 



The opportunity:
Di Bruno Bros. has always had drool worthy pictures, but never had the internal skill sets or bandwidth to create videos. Di Bruno's brand recognition extremely high for people that live in Philadelphia, but has little reach to a national audience.  Videos were created to convey the spirit of the brand to new users and educate around key categories where Di Bruno Bros. are experts.

Shoppers are staying on the site longer, whether it’s viewing products, watching videos, or reading content and blog articles. This is a good indicator and opportunity to capitalize on converting these customers. - Janeane Tolomeo, Director of Marketing

In 2015, the Di Bruno Brothers website was starting to show it’s age. The pictures were small, and the navigation wasn’t optimized. The website also wasn’t responsive, and as result, had an extremely low conversation rate on mobile. They were looking to increase sales across the board.

Understanding the user:
They want to see the products in motion, understand pairings and how gifts purchased on the site are packaged. They also want to find products online easily, and purchase products on the go.

Though analyzing the previous websites analytics, we were able to see what people searched for, how they navigated the categories of products and what gifts they purchased for others. They were also able to do some research with actual shoppers in a store location using customer satisfaction kiosks and in-person questionnaires. 

Designing the look and feel:
Di Bruno Bros. is a family owner business will old world Italian look feel. The typography, website and videos all work together to promote this style.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:

  • Conversion rates were up 63% to 1.46%
  • 12% increase in traffic directly following video releases
  • Website renovation lead to increased revenues of 43% YPY in Q4 of 2015