A omni-channel internal communication campaign


  • Record email engagement: The release saw a 65% open rate and 43% clickthrough rate.
  • Muti-medium content: We created 4 videos, a website and 7 print pieces.
  • Record number of WebEX teaching sign-ups, breaking the previous record
    by 24%.
  • High exposure: We cross promoted our content on all internal TVs, our Intranet,
    and our Learning Management System.



I developed all high-level aspects of the internal release, oversaw timeline and budget, delegated responsibilities and led the entire communication roll-out. My team consisted of developers, marketers, copywriters, strategists and designers.


This was a very important software release for the company, as it is one of the main tools directly tied to company profit. The executive committee requested a comprehensive plan and needed someone to step-up and manage the project. I took control, developed a strategy, and helped release each deliverable to ensure success.


The opportunity:
The company had never had a structured, successful software rollout. The update allowed users to aggrigate their financial accounts into one place. This was a critical, high-profile project.

I saw this as an opportunity to lead a group of talented people that traditionally worked in silos, to deliver tangible results.

Understanding the user:
We created persona scenarios to keep users top of mind and enlighten non-designers on our process. We were able to leverage pre-existing analytics to anticipate questions about the release, and the optimal way to teach this information.

The first thing we did was to evaluate prior campaign effectiveness, document pitfalls and areas of opportunity as a roadmap. We concluded that we could improve the campaign by focusing on the users needs.

Designing the look and feel:
Our primary objective was to create a learning campaign that was consistent, engaging, and easy to understand. Through the use of icons, videos, a dedicated website and print material we were able to communicate the complexity of the tool in a simplified way.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:

So many of the analytics we documented post-release were new milestones. Here are a few:

  • Number of WebEX teaching signups up 24%.
  • Number of print documents downloaded up 14%.
  • Number of hours of training videos viewed up 34%
  • Email engagement CTRs up by 18% and ORs up by 23%.