Turning the every day ridiculousness into social good


  • The app facilitates random interactions between two people, allowing them to create gifs and memes, post to social sites and save them locally.
  • Large base of potential users: The #FirstWorldProblems hashtag has been used over 1 million times on Instagram.
  • The app that gives back: The apps main purpose is to raise money for charity.
  • Crowdsourced funding: Kickstarter will be launching in the coming weeks to raise enough to develop the app and launch.



I am the co-creator of this concept and Creative Director. I made all of the low-fi and high-fi prototypes, conducted user testing, and created website, social graphics and the promotional video.


The initial concept came out of noticing how many people complain about trivial problems. We came to the conclusion that if people gained some perspective, and had a little fun, we might be able to raise money for people who actually have real problems.


The opportunity:
The #FirstWorldProblems hashtag has been used over one million times on Instagram alone.

Even getting a fraction of those people to donate a few dollars would have a great impact on the people that have real problems.

We knew having a social component to the app (feed and followers capability) would be an important source of engagement, and an area to build functionality over time. We also added GIF content and new, engaging functionality like audio mad-libs.

Understanding the user:
This app is made for the 15-25 age demographic. We took a look at pre-existing content through a hashtag search and built the functionality of the app around those insights.

We knew integrating our app with the core social networks preferred by users would be critical to adoption. We took inspiration from Instagram, and Snapchat. The ability to view real content from our core user group helped us develop the look and feel.

Designing the look and feel:
We wanted the app to be easy to use, but also have

an exciting and mysterious quality to the venting and listening interactions.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:

Being able to leverage the Invision platform has been an important tool for our user testing. The results of our last objective-based test were very promising. Our Kickstarter will go live in early May 2016.