Developing an integrated, easy-to-use help website


  • Average users visited 2.4 pages and spent 3.5 minutes on the site. Coupled with a decrease in call volume, this showed that people quickly found the answers they looking for.
  • We are responsive to our users needs: We added an onboarding video to our site after beta tester feedback.
  • We incorporated hover-over animations to our walkthroughs to increase understanding and interest.



I led the project, from initial conception to final output. I worked with a team of designers, and subject matter experts.


On average, an employee needs to use 9 different programs to do their job effectively. Each program is updated regularly, and learning those new features can be difficult to keep up with and cuts into the users productivity. We knew we needed to create a way to allow clients to get answers to their questions quickly.


The opportunity:

Before site launch, if a user had a question they would call the help call center. This phone line would frequently have 5-10 minute wait times.

Understanding the user:
We were able to leverage pre-existing analytics to anticipate pain-points, develop an easy-to-understand, approachable writing style, and create an optimal communication campaign for our content. We also created persona scenarios to anchor our thinking and justify design decisions.

We experimented with various mediums, such as print collateral, but found engaging digital assets and video was better for step-by-step directions/training.

We found the best way for our user to learn was to see the steps in motion.

Designing the look and feel:
Taking Google’s excellent material design white-paper as inspiration, we were able to create a very clean, fully-responsive website that shows animated step-by-step directions. An onboarding video, which utilized Adobe’s new Character Animator program, welcomed the user to the site serving as their concierge.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:

  • We are able to decrease the call volume by 25%.
  • Average users visited 2.4 pages and spent 3.5 minutes while using the site.