The LEarning management system WEBSITE REDESIGN (CASE STUDY)


  • After redesign, the LMS site experienced a sustained traffic increase of 35% YOY.
  • We transitioned this formerly static website to a fully responsive layout. As a result, we saw a 20% increase in mobile traffic.
  • Since incorporating gamification into the platform, our LMS email campaign saw a 23% increase in engagement.



Working with a team of designers, developers, engineers and copywriters, I served as Creative Director throughout.


The Learning Management System is the platform used to house all of the interactive content created by our learning division. Through direct feedback and analytics, we prioritized the needs of the project, ranging from a responsive layout, cleaner design, better search engine optimization, customized homepages and gamification elements.



The opportunity:

Our analytics showed us a direct correlation between users that frequently took training on the LMS and their production levels, but few people took advantage.

Understanding the user:
The users of the LMS wanted content that was specifically relevant to them. They also wanted to be able to search quickly for the training they’re interested in as well as to learn on-the-go using mobile phones or tablets.

We looked at our existing users behavior and isolated 3 distinct user personas. When analyzing the data, we saw the core persona group was surprisingly competitive. 

Designing the look and feel:
We created tiles with bright colors to grab the users attention, and interactive animations to keep users engaged. Utilizing SVG graphics, we were able to keep the loading times as fast as possible. Keeping our competitive-minded core persona in mind, gamification elements were incorporated for the first time in company history.

Analyzing and sharing metrics:

  • The website experienced a sustained traffic increase of 34% after redesign.
  • 20% increase mobile traffic after redesign.
  • LMS email campaign saw an 23% increase in engagement.
  • Decreased the load time of the homepage by 2.5 seconds.